Drug registration management platform


Drug registration management platform

Including registration management and project management, efficient registration path planning and project management can be planned according to the characteristics of drugs, and the application risk can be minimized on the premise of ensuring quality.


Registration Management


The management team is familiar with drug registration and clinical trials, and has a wealth of drug review expert resources. Team members have presided over or participated in the successful listing of dozens of new drugs. They have rich experience and can provide fast and professional guidance and path planning for the successful registration of new drugs. Provide biological drug registration path planning, registration management and clinical audit services.


Project Management


Relying on years of experience in technical service projects, a complete project management system has been established to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and fast CDMO services.


Service Advantage

· Has a professional regulatory affairs team led by senior drug registration and clinical trial management experts. The team members have presided over or participated in the successful launch of dozens of new drugs and have rich experience.

· And have a professional project management team and a complete set of project management system

· Possess a wealth of Chinese drug registration review expert resources.