CHAMRAY Biotechnology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CHAMRAY Bio") was established in Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-city in 2021. It was established by the national high-tech enterprise Chengdu Yuanrui Biology and the top 100 listed pharmaceutical group. Composed of a team of immunology scientists and a team of senior engineers in biopharmaceutical development, it has 7 invention patents (patent numbers: 2013103629218, 201410192532X, 2015107720050, 2015107787671, 2017100592845, 2017109708141, 2018101777152) and is the first "carrier with new drug export capabilities" in the west. Development and macromolecular biopharmaceuticals CDMO one-stop service" enterprise, is the public technical service platform of Tianfu International Bio-City, the technology and medicine transformation platform of Sichuan Medical Association, and the practice teaching base of Sichuan University's biomedical research and development and technical services.

Technical Service Platform

CHAMRAY Bio has a mature bacterial/strain construction, screening and amplification process development system for carrier drugs (vector and nucleic acid vaccines, gene therapy drugs, oncolytic viruses) and macromolecular biological drugs (recombinant vaccines, recombinant proteins, antibodies). It has 6 major technology platforms: carrier drug construction screening and incubation platform, viral drug industrialization development platform, animal cell drug industrialization development platform, recombinant protein drug industrialization development platform, detection analysis and quality research platform, drug registration management platform, Committed to creating an "integrated service platform for carrier drug development and incubation and macromolecular biological drug R&D and production in line with Sino-US reports", providing upstream and downstream customers from DNA to IND stage and even commercial production (new vaccines, protein drugs, immunity and cells). Therapeutic drugs) product incubation and industrialization technical services, empowering the transformation of pharmaceutical innovations, and accelerating the development of drugs that are urgently needed in clinical practice.


Technical Service

Structural screening, construction and evaluation of oncolytic viruses, viral vector vaccines (human and veterinary), gene therapy drugs, nucleic acid vaccines: 1500㎡ molecular experiment

Animal cell product culture and purification process scale-up and clinical sample preparation: GMP conditions, small scale, pilot scale, 2L-2000L (stainless steel, disposable)

Virus product culture and purification process amplification and clinical sample preparation: GMP conditions, small test, pilot test, 5L-200L (disposable)

Prokaryotic protein product fermentation and purification process amplification and clinical sample preparation: GMP conditions, small test, pilot test, 5L-1500L (stainless steel)

Sample testing and quality control services: GMP standard, 3000㎡ testing site, complete and stable analytical instruments and equipment, experienced analytical team

Biological drug registration path planning, registration management and clinical audit