Nanoliposome nucleic acid drug


As a one-stop CDMO service platform, it can provide solutions for nucleic acid drug discovery and delivery systems, including drug target screening, oligonucleotide drug design, synthesis, lead molecule discovery, lead molecule optimization, drug candidate screening and Validation, drug toxicity evaluation, optimization validation, animal experiments, etc., as well as various nucleic acid drug delivery systems with different characteristics.


Nanoliposome nucleic acid drug development

Nucleic acid drug discovery service process/classification

▽ Drug target screening, confirmation and validation

▽ Optimization of lead molecules and identification of drug candidates

▽ Nucleic acid drug modification, oligonucleotide drug design

▽ Animal disease model construction and research

▽ Early toxicity assessment, druggability research

▽ Preclinical pharmacokinetic PKPD studies


Nucleic acid delivery system development

Classification of Nucleic Acid Delivery Systems

▽ Luminescent Nanoparticles

▽ Optimization of lead molecules and identification of drug candidates

▽ Organo-metal (gold, silver, cerium, etc.) complex probes

▽ Nucleic acid drug targeted drug delivery system

▽ DNA composite nanoparticles antisense oligonucleotide delivery

▽ Organic Nanocages for Live Cell Imaging and Drug Delivery