Cell Technology Development Services


This platform can deeply connect with the supply chain system of hospitals, scientific research institutions, start-ups and R&D centers from the stage of cell preclinical research, clinical trials to commercial production, to provide customers with innovative scientific research and large-scale production services, help More companies that need cell R&D services will carry out actual technological transformation, shorten the time to market of products, and help products to be commercialized as soon as possible.

Service Items

  • Primary cell isolation and culture

  • Transfection service

  • Cell phenotyping

  • Cell training

  • Cell cloning experiments

  • Screening of stably transfected cell lines

  • Chassis Cell Development


Service Advantage

· Has a quality management system and a professional quality management team that runs through the entire life cycle of the project, and conducts strict quality control of the project.

· Multiple cell pressurized screening system to improve the success rate of cell screening.

· Rigorous and traceable sources of cells and plasmids with clear background.

· Build a PCB library within three months at a minimum.

· Stable and high yield: recombinant protein can reach 2-3g/L.