Prokaryotic, eukaryotic and animal cell recombinant protein expression, the company has large intestine expression system, yeast expression system, baculovirus expression system and adenovirus expression system, which can customize the expression of antibodies, antigens and other proteins for customers.

Service Items

Including expression vector design and construction, expression system screening and optimization, expression condition optimization, protein purification and its quality analysis and technical tracking.


Service Advantage

· Eukaryotic expression: commonly used in yeast, insect, animal and mammalian cells, designed for the highly specific interaction of prokaryotic proteins with target DNA, without non-specific activation or repression of genes.

· Prokaryotic expression: gene expression products can be obtained in a short time, and the cost is relatively low; the method is simple and the expression amount is high.

· short time.

· High expression levels.

· low cost.