Cell Platform Sample Preparation


Cell Platform Sample Preparation

This platform can provide sample preparation services at different stages, including: preparation of preclinical animal experimental samples, and preparation of clinical phase I, II, and III samples. Animal cell culture scales include from 2L to 2000L. At the same time, complete quality control services and documentation during sample preparation are provided.


Service Items


  • 小规模样品制备(2L-20L)


  • 中试规模样品制备(20L-500L)


  • 大规模样品制备(2000L)



Service Advantage


· 具有生物药生产经验丰富的技术团队

· 拥有从10L~2000L符合GMP条件的生产条件、符合中美双报的质量管理体系

· 拥有不锈钢和一次性生产线,可满足客户的多种样品制备需求

· 具有丰富的GMP车间生产管理运营经验

· 液体制剂/冻干制剂生产线可灵活满足客户不同的需求