Changrui Biotech participated in the 2022 college campus job fair


Release time:2023-02-02

On June 2, 2022, invited by the Administrative Committee of Chengdu Tianfu International Biocity, Changrui Biotech participated in the "Chengdu Tianfu International Biocity 2022 College Campus Special Job Fair" held at Southwest University for Nationalities.

First of all, the relevant staff of the

Administrative Committee of Bio-city introduced the special policy for talent development in Tianfu International Bio-City, giving guiding policy suggestions for talents with bachelor degree and above, and then the major invited enterprises introduced relevant enterprise information and recruitment positions, so that interested talents in the corresponding majors had more opportunities to choose.

During the meeting, the company's personnel manager showed the students the corporate culture of Everbright Biotech and the proposed recruitment position.

The main positions recruited this time are: quality assurance officer, QC technician, upstream cell (virus) culture engineer, drug product specialist, virus researcher, molecular biology researcher and gene (cell) therapy research and development supervisor.

Through the presentation, a total of more than 20 excellent resumes were received, and one-on-one negotiations will be conducted in the follow-up, I believe that there will be outstanding talents to join the big family of Changrui, and welcome all partners with dreams to submit resumes.


key words: Changrui Biotech participated in the 2022 college campus job fair